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painterly qualities & sculptural designs

I’ve learned how my brain works when painting: I go back and forth from dark to light in detail. This concept translates from the canvas to my sculptural work as well.


 When I’m working with clay, I usually start off with a vessel of some kind and have alterations on it. I like using slips in the beginning because it helps my train of thought develop with the piece along with scratching and carving. After the bisque I apply underglazes to solidify some of the ideas that have come to fruition. Then I take it to an atmospheric firing, I enjoy this especially for its element of chance and having something beyond myself involved in the work. From there lower firings might occur.

the corner of education & identity

It seems that at some point, everyone goes through a period of questioning their self-identity and their self-worth. I see this pattern in so many people, both inside and outside the art community. The connection between education and self-identity fascinates me. I personally enjoy bringing thoughts of the subconscious to the forefront of my work for all to see. It is in these moments when the subconscious thought process surfaces in the open that not only do people understand my own thought process and experiences better, but they too began to feel a connection to their own deeper places of spirit.


I enjoy exploring thoughts of the subconscious in relation to identity and education; and that’s the central theme of my work.. The more you learn about the world, the more you learn about yourself. The more you learn about yourself the better you can learn who you really are.

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